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George Town
The financial Heart of Penang

GeorgeTown- PenangGeorge Town, the capital of the island of Penang was named by the British after King George III. It was established by Capt Francis Light in 1786. Penang is the oldest British settlement in Malaysia. The government centre and its financial heart, George Town is an interesting and bustling city with modern high rise buildings, cathedrals, mosques, government offices, temples, bazaars, shops and cafes.

One must visit the older part of the town that has narrow lanes and alleyways, which makes it a pleasure to walk.

The most interesting place to visit is Fort Cornwallis is situated at the spot where Captain Francis Light was supposed to have landed in 1786. Originally a wooden structure, the fort was rebuilt between 1808 and 1810 with convict labour.

A Tropical Paradise

Langkawi is situated in the state of Kedah, consists of 104 islands, stretching out over 362 sq km. The capital of Langkawi is at Kuah. Out of the 104 islands Langkawi is the largest, with a sizeable population, mainly of Malay origin. And only three of the other islands.

Unspoilt and rustic, it is a tropical paradise spectacularly endowed by nature, one where crystal clear emerald waters, azure skies, dense tropical rainforests, and fantastic limestone formations can be found. Langkawi has been called the 'Island of legends’ because a number of folklore, myth and legend can be heard about the place.

Nature's Private Island

Pangkor lies off the west coast of Perak in Peninsular Malaysia. For thousands of years, it was the refuge of seamen who sailed though the Straits of Malacca, thanks to its many idyllic bays. Pirates, adventurers, merchants and soldiers of fortune alike were mesmerized by her charming beauty. Today, despite Malaysia’s fast-paced progress, Pangkor remains a haven for visitors seeking a return to nature. Bask in glorious sunshine on her golden beaches. Catch sight of fishing boats rocking gently on her calm waters. Get close to nature when you trek through her virgin jungles. Or experience the warm, friendly hospitality of her people. Whichever you choose, Pangkor will thrill you.

PenangThe Pearl of the Orient

Penang is located on the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It comprises the Penang island and a strip on the mainland named Province Wellesley Seberang Perai) which are linked by the Penang Bridge, the third longest in the world. Penang island measures a modest and is inhabited by slightly over a million people who hail from a diverse mix of cultures and religions.

Penang is blessed with such a great variety of food that it is often said that Penangites don't eat to live, they live to eat. Hawker stalls offering a diverse selection of local fare are in abundance everywhere you go. Nasi Kandar, Satay (skewered marinated meat pieces), Laksa (noodles in spicy sour soup), Hainanese Chicken Rice, Popiah and Rojak are just some of Penang’s sumptuous treats you can't afford to miss. Penang possesses a unique charm of old and new perfectly blended. Take to its streets and you will see small time pedlars exhibiting their wares within view of larger, more modern business establishments. Vintage trishaws share the roads with modern automobiles. Quaint, old buildings stang proud next to taller, more sophisticated ones. It is an island in full bloom. And it beckons you to harvest your dream of a wonderful holiday.

Land of the Hornbills

Sarawak is the largest of the 13 states that make up Malaysia. It is located on Borneo (the third largest island in the world) and covers an area of about 124,, flanked by Sabah, Brunei and Kalimatan, Sarawak is separated from Peninsular Malaysia by the South China Sea. The land is a premier tourist destination owing to its bountiful wealth of natural wonders. This oil-rich state is also a living museum of 23 ethnic tribes who still observe ancient rites and celebrations. They live in peaceful and harmonious co-existence with one another and with the rest of the population. Welcome to a land of endless enchantment.

Land Below the Wind

Kina BaluThe Kinabalu region is on the west coast of Sabah, 'The Land Below the Wind'. Here sits South-East Asia's highest peak, the mystical Mount Kinabalu, rising a 4,101 meters above sea level. Kinabalu holds the promise of many exhilarating moments for its visitors. Tour Kota Kinabalu, the bustling capital city of Sabah, or retreat to Kinabalu Park, a paradise for naturalists, botanists, bird watchers, mountaineers or just about anyone who wants to be close to nature. The park is home to an incredibly diverse range of flora and fauna including the Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. Scale the ‘home of a dragon’, Mount Kinabalu or indulge in some thrilling white-water rafting action down fast-flowing turbulent rivers. Whatever you choose, excitement awaits you right here in Kinabalu.

Taman Negara
Mother Nature's Treasure Trove

Spread across 4,, of the formidable Titiwangsa Mountain Range is Tanam Negara- the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. A sanctuary to hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, insects, fish and plants. Home to Malaysia’s friendly aborigines, the Orang Asli. Come discover the living treasures Mother Nature has to offer. Whether it’s shooting thrilling rapids, exploring specula caves, tackling a 20-pound fish, scaling Peninsular Malaysia’s highest mountain, trekking through dense, tricky forest pathways or swimming in crystal clear pools, Malaysia’s National Park is a natural paradise you must experience. An adventure of a lifetime awaits you here.

Historic City

MalaccaLocated on the west coast of Penisular Malaysia, about 147 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur, Malacca is a state hailed by history. Malacca spans 1,, and is divided into three main districts, Central Malacca, Alor Gajah and Jasin. Malacca boasts a legacy of history and charm only a rare few places on Earth are bestowed with. Aptly, it was officially declared a Historic City in 1989 by its Ruler, the Yang Di-Pertua Negeri of Malacca The Governor of Malacca). Visiting Malacca is a must for any tourist. Here, remnants of the past sit unperturbed by a city that races towards the future. A juxtaposition that is Malacca’s alone, one that is bound to mesmerize you.

Other than our popular destinations, Malaysia comprises Penisular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Boneo which made up of 13 states. Each state has unique characteristics and each promises visitors totally different experiences. One can look forward to interesting flora and fauna, sunny.

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